Philadelphia Attorney for Knee and Leg Injuries at Work

Workplace accidents can lead to a variety of injuries, including those to the legs and knees. Such injuries might take a worker out of commission for a long time, and the parties responsible should be held accountable.

Knee and leg injuries might happen at work because of dangerous conditions or equipment. A worker might slip and fall on the job or be injured by tools, equipment, or machinery. In many cases, injured workers can sue their employers for the injuries. You should also speak to an attorney about suing coworkers or third parties for the injuries. Getting compensation can be challenging, and many injured workers pursue insurance claims or lawsuits to get their damages covered. A lawyer can help you figure out the best path to compensation for your case. You might have considerable damages on the line, including economic and non-economic losses. Often, damages are significant, and injured workers may receive much compensation.

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How Knee and Leg Injuries Can Happen at Work in Philadelphia

Knee and leg injuries are especially serious because they can significantly inhibit a person’s mobility. If you cannot get up and walk around, you might be unable to return to work until you recover, depending on your job. Our lawyers for knee and leg injuries at work can help you assess your damages and sue for fair compensation.

Many leg and knee injuries related to work accidents are caused by slip and falls or tripping accidents. For example, the floor at your place of work might have just been cleaned, mopped, or waxed, and the cleaner failed to place a wet-floor sign. Alternatively, you might have tripped and fallen down the stairs because there was no banister or the risers were uneven. In either scenario, your knees and legs are likely to be injured.

Depending on the nature of your work, your legs or knees might have been injured by faulty equipment. For example, a maintenance worker might suffer knee and leg injuries if a ladder they are on collapses. While dangerous equipment like power tools are common culprits in workplace injuries, your equipment does not necessarily have to be inherently dangerous to pose a risk. For example, you might be badly injured if certain safety gear fails.

If you work with heavy machinery (e.g., forklifts, compactors, bulldozers), your legs or knees might be injured in an accident. A lot of heavy machinery is operated like a vehicle with an employee in the driver’s seat. If the machinery is in an accident, the employee operating the machinery might be hurt. Alternatively, the machinery might injure another employee. For example, you could be run over by a forklift or pinned against the wall by bulldozing equipment.

Liability for Leg and Knee Injuries at Work in Philadelphia

Whom to sue for a knee or leg injury at work is a tricky question. While many injured workers want to sue their employers, this is not always possible if Workers’ Compensation is involved. Our attorneys for leg and knee injuries at work can help you determine whom you can sue for your damages to get justice for your grievous injuries.

Employers are often responsible for the unsafe working environment or conditions that led to the accident. However, the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act covers many workers and employers, and a lawsuit might not be possible. Under this system, injured workers must file Workers’ Compensation claims, and their employers are usually shielded from liability and lawsuits.

Even so, there are situations where employers are not protected, and an attorney can help you file a lawsuit. For example, you can sue your employer if they do not have any Workers’ Compensation insurance or they deliberately caused the accident that led to your knee and leg injuries.

You might also sue negligent coworkers. For example, if your coworkers used some equipment or machinery in an unsafe manner and caused your injuries, you might sue them. Keep in mind that coworkers might be protected from litigation under the Workers’ Compensation system like employers.

Sometimes, people not directly connected to your job are responsible for your injuries. Possible third parties you might sue include manufacturers of faulty tools or equipment, trespassers, or even customers and clients. Our lawyers for knee and leg injuries at work know how to determine which party should be held liable.

How to Get Compensation for Knee and Leg Injuries at Work in Philadelphia

Depending on the nature of your accident and injuries, you might have several legal options for compensation. One of the first options injured employees look into is an insurance claim through Workers’ Compensation or some other insurance policy. Even if insurance is available, you should also consider filing a lawsuit to get compensation for the full extent of your damages.

You might have other options if your employer does not carry insurance. For example, health insurance might help you cover the bulk of your medical bills, although your premiums and deductibles might still be high.

If you do not have access to insurance or your insurance claim does not cover all your damages, our lawyers for knee and leg injuries at work can help you file a lawsuit. Not only can a lawsuit help you recover additional economic damages not covered by insurance, but it can also help you get compensation for non-economic injuries. Non-economic damages are typically not covered by insurance policies, including Workers’ Compensation. If you can, you should file a lawsuit to get the full extent of all your damages covered.

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