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At Lerner, Steinberg & Associates, a full-service injury law firm, our experienced and compassionate team of Workers’ Compensation lawyers have been providing legal support and protecting the rights of injured workers in Pennsylvania for more than two decades.  We understand that being injured on the job due to an occupational hazard or an accident can result in serious injuries with the potential of causing life-altering disabilities.  Some of these injuries can affect a worker’s hand, wrist or arm thus limiting their ability to work or even perform simple daily activities.  Causes of these injuries can include falls, slip and trip accidents, falling objects, blunt trauma and repetitive job duties.

Types of Workplace Injuries on the Hand, Wrist, and Arm

Repetitive Stress Injuries

Hand and wrist injuries often occur as a result of repetitive motions done continuously over time.  Repetitive stress injuries are common in workers who are employed in manufacturing jobs, assembly line work, the construction industry and those who work in offices using a computer and keyboard.  Repetitive stress injuries to hands and wrists can result in ongoing pain, tingling or numbing sensations, loss of mobility and decreased strength.  Carpal tunnel syndrome is an example of a repetitive stress injury.

Traumatic Amputations of the Arm, Hand or Fingers

The loss of a limb or body part due to an injury at work is devastating and can result in significant lifestyle changes.  An individual’s ability to work or perform everyday functions may be seriously hindered after an accident of this nature.  Many of the work-related traumatic amputations of the arm, hand or fingers occur in the industries of manufacturing, agriculture and public utilities as well as work-related automobile collisions or the use of defective products including power tools.  Victims of these types of injuries have to deal with not only the physical challenges they face but also the psychological trauma.

Fractures of the Arm, Elbow, Wrist or Hand

Bones can be fractured or broken when there is an extreme or sudden force against them.  Fractures can occur to the three main bones in the arm called the humerus, radius and ulna, or to the smaller bones in the wrist and hand as well as to the elbow.  Fractures can occur on the job as a result of a fall, a twisting injury, being struck by an object or in a work-related car accident.  A broken bone anywhere in the upper extremity can limit a person’s ability to carry out day-to-day tasks including those that are work-related.  Some fractures of the upper extremity can take a long time to heal and some individuals may experience residual limitations or pain.

Sprains and Strains of the Upper Extremity

Sprains and strains are two types of injuries that can occur in the workplace affecting an individual’s musculoskeletal system.  A sprain injury is one in which there is a tearing or stretching of a ligament.  A strain injury is one in which there is an injury or damage to a muscle or tendon.  The risk of experiencing a strain or sprain of the upper extremity can be associated with repetitive or excessive movements of reaching, gripping, twisting of the hands, and lifting or lowering heavy objects.  These types of injuries can also occur as a result of direct trauma to the arm or a fall onto an outstretched arm.  Individuals can experience pain, swelling, loss of mobility and weakness.

Rotator Cuff Tears

The rotator cuff is a network of several muscles and tendons that covers the top of the upper arm bone.  The rotator cuff holds the upper arm bone, the humerus, in place in the shoulder joint and helps to lift and rotate the arm.  An injury called a rotator cuff tear can occur from lifting, falling or repetitive arm activities such as overhead movements.  Construction workers, warehouse workers, carpenters, painters and those working in the manufacturing industry are just a few of the jobs in which you see rotator cuff injuries.  Many daily activities can become extremely painful and difficult to complete due to weakness and loss of mobility.  Treatment often includes rest, physical therapy, medications and surgery.  A person’s ability to work or perform the duties of their job can be compromised with this type of injury.

If your arm, elbow, wrist or hand injury was caused by an accident at work or another person’s negligence, you should immediately seek legal guidance from a well-recognized law firm with a proven track record for success.  We encourage you to call the Workers’ Compensation lawyers at Lerner, Steinberg & Associates to discuss the circumstances surrounding your work-related accident so that we can determine if you have a valid claim to receive Workers’ Compensation benefits, as well as a Third-Party claim against a negligent party responsible for your injuries. We are experienced at dealing with insurance companies and their tactics to minimize or deny claims.  We will strongly advocate on your behalf to secure you the maximum Workers’ Compensation benefits to which you are entitled.

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