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Employees may receive Workers’ Compensation when they are hurt while performing work-related duties in Middletown Township. To get benefits, you must follow the proper steps.

In order to receive Workers’ Compensation, employees must first get medical attention and confirms their injuries. Victims should also report their injuries to their employers. Although Workers’ Compensation benefits can last for long periods of time, insurance carriers or employers might request that recipients routinely verify their eligibility for benefits by providing current medical records. Nearly any injury sustained while working in Middletown Township can qualify an employee for Workers’ Compensation, ranging from seemingly minor to life-altering injuries or illnesses.

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Getting Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Middletown Township, PA

If, after being injured at work, you are unable to perform your previous professional responsibilities, you might qualify for benefits from your employer’s Workers’ Compensation insurance. To get benefits in Middletown Township, you must follow the proper procedures after an accident.

Workers’ Compensation insurance carriers often look for reasons to deny claims, such as workers not following procedures exactly. Our Workers’ Compensation lawyers can help oversee your case to ensure you take the proper steps and lower the chances of your claim being denied. This includes getting medical care from a professional that is recognized by your company’s insurance.

Getting treatment is paramount regarding Workers’ Compensation claims, as victims must prove that they are, in fact, injured and unable to go back to work. There are many hospitals in and around Middletown Township, like Jefferson Bucks Hospital in Langhorne and Lower Bucks Hospital in Bristol, that might have doctors that are approved by insurance.

Like many other states, Pennsylvania has a no-fault Workers’ Compensation system, meaning workers are entitled to benefits regardless of who is to blame for their injuries. This does not include situations where injuries were caused intentionally or while a worker was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If you cannot explain how your accident occurred, an insurance adjuster might find room to invalidate your claim. Our lawyers will ensure that the necessary information is provided to the insurance adjuster and intercede any attempts on their behalf to confuse or undermine your claim.

Once you are approved for benefits, you will receive lost-wage payments on a weekly basis. These benefits will be a percentage of your average weekly wage, meaning they differ for everyone. You will receive medical benefits as necessary, depending on your medical costs.

Keeping Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Middletown Township, PA

Maintaining access to Workers’ Compensation benefits is important for anyone that has been injured on the job and cannot engage financially gainful activity. Even after being approved for benefits, your eligibility for payments might come into question again.

When workers sustain serious injuries that require long-term Workers’ Compensation benefits, insurance companies might periodically check in to ensure that a person is still unable to work. Carriers might require new medical records confirming that a worker is still injured. So, it is important to keep track of your medical improvement and have records easily accessible if your company’s Workers’ Compensation carrier requests them.

A popular response employers have to workplace injuries is offering transitional jobs. Initially, a transitional job might come as a welcome surprise to injured employees who want a sense of normalcy and to go back to work in some capacity. A transitional job could offer them that, just at a lower wage than they previously earned. Those receiving Workers’ Compensation benefits should understand that accepting a transitional job would most likely lower their lost-wage payments. Some insurance carriers might view that as a sign that you are able to go back to work and eliminate your Workers’ Compensation benefits in Middletown Township. Because of that, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of accepting a transitional job while receiving Workers’ Compensation benefits.

Injuries that Qualify You for Workers’ Compensation in Middletown Township, PA

Almost any injury that interferes with a person’s ability to work can qualify them for Workers’ Compensation. Eligible injuries range from seemingly minor to very severe.

On top of covering injuries, Workers’ Compensation generally covers illnesses or other medical conditions caused by an employee’s work-related duties as well. Medical conditions exacerbated by workplace responsibilities might also make an employee eligible to receive Workers’ Compensation. Even injuries that appear non-work-related might make you eligible for benefits.

For example, suppose you are a construction worker working on a popular commuter road in Middletown Township, like Route 1 or I-295, during rush hour. If a distracted or reckless driver strikes you while speeding down the road, you can apply for benefits. That is because you were hurt on the job, and Pennsylvania’s no-fault Workers’ Compensation system dictates that workers can get benefits even if an employer was not at fault.

Other injuries are less sudden and worsen over time. For example, repetitive motion injuries are caused by the constant use of the same body parts over years. Painters might get repetitive motion injuries in their wrists or hands, as might electricians. Sprains and fractures might also qualify employees for benefits from Workers’ Compensation. There might not be one specific accident report to refer to for these types of injuries, meaning employees must use other means to prove that they were injured at work.

Injuries do not have to be incredibly severe in order for you to get Workers’ Compensation payments. In fact, people are often eligible to get Workers’ Compensation following on-the-job accidents, as any work-related injury typically qualifies an employee for benefits in Middletown Township.

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