Unemployment Insurance and Workers’ Compensation in Pennsylvania

If you are out of work because of an injury, you may have multiple options to consider for seeking replacement wages. Many workers who lose their job seek unemployment benefits to get continuing paychecks while they look for another job, but if you are unable to work because of an injury, Workers’ Compensation may be […]

How to File a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Philadelphia

If you are injured at work in Philadelphia, you may be entitled to financial benefits called “Workers’ Compensation” or “Workers’ Compensation.” The purpose of Workers’ Compensation is to provide disabled workers with a financial security net while they are recovering from job-related injuries. If you are seriously hurt in a job-related accident, Workers’ Compensation insurance […]

Is Workers’ Compensation Ever Required in PA?

If you were injured at work, you may have heard that Workers’ Compensation will cover your needs. You may have also heard that you cannot sue for workplace injuries, and that you have to use Workers’ Compensation to seek medical coverage and lost wages for your injury. The Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation lawyers at Lerner, Steinberg […]

Are Workers’ Compensation Settlements Taxable in Pennsylvania?

If you are relying on Workers’ Compensation, you usually receive a maximum of 2/3 of your normal paycheck.  If you have to pay taxes on top of this, your take-home pay may be lower than you would expect.  Workers’ comp. is paid because you need it after an injury, and you have no other choice […]

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“I was involved in a slip and fall accident. I called Benjamin Steinberg for assistance on what to do. He was professional while being so compassionate and caring. He advised me on what to do, answered my questions and was very patient with me. I knew he was the attorney to handle my case. Ben spoke to me several time to keep me up to date on what was happening with my case and of course he was always concerned about how I was feeling. After several months of medical treatment I felt I was feeling better and spoke to Ben about settling the case. Much to my surprise, I received a larger settlement than I had expected. Wow, Ben is terrific! I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for legal help in any type of accident. He is tops as far as I am concerned.”

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