Unemployment Issues

Unemployment Compensation

Benjamin Steinberg, Esquire is dedicated to helping client obtain and receive unemployment compensation benefits.

If you are unemployed and have been denied unemployment compensation, I can help you collect unemployment compensation benefits.

Anyone who has lost their job through no fault of their own is eligible for unemployment compensation benefits.

If you are not currently working because your employer closed their office, made cutbacks or went out of business, you may be eligible for unemployment compensation benefits.

Additionally, if you were fired, you may be eligible to collect unemployment compensation benefits.

Many clients who are fighting their workers’ compensation claims are fired by their employer. I will help you obtain unemployment compensation benefits while I fight your workers’ compensation case for you.

Whether you are not working through no fault of your own or have been fired, I will fight for you to obtain the unemployment compensation benefits you deserve.

For a free consultation regarding your unemployment compensation claim, contact me today at 215-206-9887.