Workers’ Compensation Claim: The First 90 Days Are Critical

The First 90 Days of Workers’ Compensation

In Pennsylvania, the first 90 days of a workers’ compensation claim are usually the most important.  When a person is injured at work, the majority of time the employer / insurance carrier will issue what is called a Temporary Notice of Compensation Payable.  This means your employer has agreed to pay you your workers’ compensation benefits in the form of medical bills and lost wages.  However, your employer also reserves the right to stop paying you those benefits anytime within the first 90 days.

When you are injured at work, your employer should give you a list of panel doctors to choose from.  This means, for the first 90 days of your workers’ compensation injury, you must treat with panel doctors your employer is contracted with.

Additionally, during the first 90 days, your employer may also subject you to an Independent Medical Examination.  This is a one-time examination by a doctor paid for by your employer / insurance company.  The report generated by the Independent Medical Examiner will most likely be in the employer’s favor and give them a reasonable basis to stop any or all of your benefits.

Therefore, while you may believe your employer is treating you fairly, they DO NOT have your best interest in mind.  In fact, they are creating a case against you.

It is paramount that you speak with Lerner, Steinberg & Associates immediately following your injury so that you will be well educated and prepared to handle the first 90 days, and all of the days following of your workers’ compensation claim.

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